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Problems using the Gaia in Cubase 5

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:48 am
by agendakokon
Hello, has anybody experience with using the Gaia in Cubase?
I am a MIDI-newbie, though always worked with virtual synths and plugins. I bought a Gaia and successfully installed the driver and already used it in a test--project. Recording Midi-Notes of the Gaia succeeded in Cubase, and a little osc-turn also got recorded by cubase. But I found no list of CC-information in the Gaia-Manual to edit this "automation data" in Cubase.
Also I have trouble with exporting this test-project into a stereo-sum, because the Gaia works in the project, but doesn`t send audio to the Mixer-Sum, so it doesn`t appear in the Mix.

The worst problem I have is how to set the Software up for the Gaia: Is the Gaia a GM-Instrument, What does TX/RX mean and which and how many channels do I have to set up in the Midi-Gear-Implementation dialogue?

I hope, someone here has experience with this topics.

Thnaks in advance,
the agenda

Re: Problems using the Gaia in Cubase 5

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:10 pm
by Grauw
Hi agendakokun,

For the CC messages, I’ll direct you to this post.

As for the sums, I don’t know Cubase so I can’t really offer much assistance with that, but have you checked the Windows mixer to verify that you are actually receiving audio when you play a note?

The Gaia is a MIDI-instrument, but the synthesizer part is not GM-compatible. Well, actually, it does also have a GM-compatible sound bank in addition to the synthesizer functionality, but it’s very basic. I don’t really know the significance of indicating that something is a GM-instrument in Cubase, but if you have the choice between plain MIDI and GM I would go with the first.

TX/RX means transmit / receive. It refers to the outgoing and incoming MIDI signals. Settings like TX Program Change control whether the Gaia will send program change messages, while the RX Program Change setting controls whether the Gaia will respond to program change messages.

Number of channels for the synthesizer is 1, as only one tone can be playing at a time. Which out of the 16 channels is used for this is configurable, it defaults to channel 0. The rest of the channels play using the GM sound bank if the GM functionality is enabled (it is by default).