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GAIA preset patch names

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GAIA preset patch names

Postby Grauw » Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:35 pm

A week or two ago, I extracted a list of preset patch names from the GAIA’s memory — should come in handy!

Roland GAIA SH-01 preset patch name list:

A-1 Spike Bs
A-2 Sync Lead
A-3 PolySynth
A-4 SFX 25
A-5 Ring Bell 1
A-6 BriteLead
A-7 PolySynth

B-1 PolySynth
B-2 Sync Lead
B-3 PolySynth
B-4 Organ
B-5 SoftPad
B-6 TB Bs
B-7 SweepPad

C-1 SweepPad
C-2 Bass
C-3 PolySynth
C-4 SweepPad
C-5 SweepPad
C-6 SweepPad
C-7 SweepPad
C-8 SFX 16

D-1 Reso Bs
D-2 AnaVox
D-3 PolySynth
D-4 AnaGuitar
D-5 PhaserPad
D-6 AnaBrass
D-7 PolySynth
D-8 Humming

E-1 Fat Bs
E-2 SawLead
E-3 PolySynth
E-4 AnaBell
E-5 PolySynth
E-6 AnaClav
E-7 Bass
E-8 SoftPad

F-1 Pedal Bs
F-2 SawLead
F-3 PolySynth
F-4 Ring Bell 1
F-5 PWM Pad
F-6 JumpBrass
F-7 AcidBs
F-8 BritePad

G-1 SFX 7
G-2 SFX 13
G-3 SFX 14
G-4 SFX 1
G-5 SFX 19
G-6 SFX 21
G-7 SFX 22

H-1 Bass 1
H-2 SweepPad 1
H-3 Sync Lead 1
H-4 Ring Bell 1
H-5 Noize FX 1
H-6 PolySynth 1
H-7 SawLead 1
H-8 SoftPad 1

Compiled by Laurens Holst -
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Re: GAIA preset patch names

Postby rob » Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:54 pm

Very Cool, thanks for the list!
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